Why You Should Send A Newsletter To Your Customers

“Why you should send a newsletter” is, probably, one of the most common questions we get from our clients

You probably have asked yourself this question a couple of times. You can see that most of the websites and blogs that you visit HAVE a newsletter. With all the different ways to online marketing, why indeed should you send a newsletter to your customers?

Here are the seven very good reasons why you send a newsletter to your customers:

Newsletters are fast and cheap

A friend of mine told me recently that on top of my blog posts, social media marketing tactics, and the other things I do to market my products, nothing beats an effective newsletter in reaching customers quickly and cheaply. It’s not likely that all your visitors click on your ads, read and share your posts, or visit your social media sites. But one thing’s certain: they ALWAYS read their mail, and having an e-newsletter targets your customers directly.

You can readily craft and send out a newsletter to a selected customer group in a very short span of time. And it doesn’t cost you a lot. With an e-mail program, you can blast thousands of newsletters per hour to reach your customers with the latest news.

Newsletters are personalized marketing messages

Unlike other forms of advertising, you can even customize the news that each individual customer receives. Personalizing your business newsletter has one powerful benefit: it makes content more relevant and interesting for your readers. You can even sort out the news based on relevance to different groups and recipients on your list. It takes a very short time to edit/change the content of your newsletter and does not incur any significant costs. With this, you can ensure that your content is current and updated, and your customers will always be informed.

MailChimp newsletter setupA newsletter increases website traffic and sales

It is more likely that you will generate more traffic and sales conversions with an effective newsletter. A personalized message to your readers will gain their interest and loyalty because the content you are sending is meaningful to them. With a newsletter, you can stir curiosity among your readers and make them visit your website for more information. As icing on a cake, you can include special, exclusive offers in your newsletter that will attract more attention. Such exclusivity will make customers feel special and think that it is a great privilege to be part of your newsletter. This, in turn, can potentially turn into more sales.

wordpress diy website
wordpress diy website

A newsletter increases your search engine rankings

A simple email blast can dramatically increase the rank of your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines, and help boost your business into a profitable venture. Your published newsletter gathers more interest among the Internet search engines, and because the generated content in your newsletter is related to your website content, your indexed pages will also have increased rankings. To ensure that your e-newsletter delivers favorable search engine results, you have to create links to your website, add relevant keywords and always include the most important information about your business and products.

Newsletters build interest, confidence, and trust

A business newsletter is a personalized message that most customers find meaningful. With this, you have the ability to connect more effectively to them, gaining their interest, confidence, and trust. Another good thing about sending regular newsletters is that it also helps you find out what your customers are particularly interested in. With your online marketing statistics, you can easily determine which newsletters are mostly read and which links are frequently clicked on. Also, you have to encourage your subscribers to react to different types of content to your newsletter so that you can get direct feedback, and use their feedback for your future e-mails.

Customers have the choice where and when to read newsletters

Your readers can get bored with your articles, or simply delete any notifications from your social media postings. But with a newsletter, they have the choice of where and when to read it. When you give that opportunity to your customers, they do not feel stressed about reading your personalized message, allowing them to easily absorb and digest the information that you give. Studies show that regardless of making an e-mail blast with long newsletters, this freedom to choose where and when to read it is very beneficial.

Newsletters do not take up much space and are easy to file

Finally, an e-newsletter doesn’t take up huge amounts of space, which is favorable to both you and your customers. With this, you can send many newsletters to your subscribers with a minimal risk of being discarded. A great business newsletter is also easy to file, and customers that find them important and relevant will tend to save them for future use. Be sure to include exclusive information so that customers will value your newsletter.

Newsletters are easy to do and can benefit your business.

If you need help with setting up or creating a newsletter for your business, check out our Mailchimp Newsletter setup services for more information or contact us to discuss your business needs.