Virtual Support

Mazcloud’s virtual support team specializes in technical web support and Canadian cloud accounting

Technical web support services:

  • Monthly website support:
    • Core and plugin updates for WordPress websites
    • Image resizing and an addition of Alt-tags
    • Blog post writing, scheduling, and publishing
    • Shopify and Woocommerce product updates
    • Product descriptions for e-commerce
    • Miscellaneous updates and support of apps for Shopify stores
  • Lead pages’ and landing pages design and setup
  • Websites’ and domains’ transfers to new hosting providers
  • SSL certificate installations
  • Email marketing platforms’ integration
  • Google shopping feed setup for Shopify stores
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Submission of websites and pages to Google Console (former Webmaster tools)
  • Broken links’ checks
  • Fixes of bugs and structural problems on existing websites

Other virtual support services:

  • Photoshop help and other help with images’ formatting for web
  • Pinterest boards’ creation, including copywriting and image creation
  • Excel help – from supporting tables and schedules to accounting support
  • Banners & brochures
  • Social media marketing templates
  • Newsletter templates and setup

This list only includes a small part of what our clients need help with. If you have any other problems with your website or need help with the programs or tools you don’t have the time for, please, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Canadian cloud accounting and bookkeeping services

Unlike other web design, support, copywriting, and marketing services, Canadian cloud accounting and bookkeeping services are the only ones that we provide to Canadian clients ONLY. We do not provide accounting or bookkeeping virtual support to international clients. Here you can learn more about our virtual bookkeeping and accounting services.

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