Social media marketing benefits

Social media marketing benefits any type of business

Nine out of ten marketing gurus today will tell you that social media is vital to your business’ success. Apart from increasing traffic to your website, social media marketing benefits your enterprise by letting you know more about your customers, competitors, and trends in your business. And this knowledge gives you an advantage.

Social media allows you to reach another dimension of the net and can boost your profits to new record-highs. Here are the benefits of social media marketing that make big money:

#1 Social media marketing increases traffic to your business’ website

Without social media, the people visiting your site are typically only those already familiar with your brand or those searching for your product or service.  Your social media accounts are additional paths for new people to become aware of your business. More traffic, more potential sales.

Social media marketing allows you to target customers that are outside your circle. Driving more traffic towards your site plays a big role in improving your search ranking. Many business owners partner with virtual business support providers that create engaging, high-quality content for their social media profiles to boost traffic.  Each piece of content you put out creates an opportunity to acquire new customers.

#2 Social media presence boosts your brand

Social media marketing benefits your business by boosting your brand. More people will be more aware of your product or service if you have a profile on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

People often buy brands that they recognize. Whether you’re Nike or a web design agency in Newmarket, this holds true. That is why it is beneficial to promote your brand to as many consumers as possible. Your social media profiles are very powerful tools that can help you achieve this goal.

Your social media presence also boosts brand loyalty and authority. A team of social media marketing professionals can help create content that sparks interest in your brand,  as well as engage with your customers, hopefully hooking them onto your brand.  Loyal customers often recommend the brands they love to other people, which increases money-making opportunities for your business.


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wordpress diy website
wordpress diy website

#3 With the help of social media marketing you get more conversions

The benefits of social media marketing include higher conversion rates. It allows you to relate to customers in a more human way, which fosters their trust and loyalty. Interacting with your customers in a personal way makes them more likely to buy your product or service because they feel emotionally connected to it.

Each blog post, image, meme, video, or comment you share is an opportunity for someone to react, and every reaction means a potential visit to your site.  And, of course, a visit can lead to a conversion.Reactions don’t guarantee conversions, ut do significantly increase the chance of one.

#4 With the engagement on social media your business creates better customer experience

You can use social media to keep your customers satisfied, and without a doubt,  satisfied customers bring in more revenue for your business.

Each piece of content you share allows you to interact with people and directly address their questions and concerns. Customers often talk about specific problems  with your business, and this gives you the chance to address them quickly, and in more personalized fashion. Customers  appreciate this  as it gives them a better consumer experience.

Talking to your customers this way also gives you the chance to gain valuable info about them: what they’re interested in and how they behave. Social listening results in better customer experience, and can increase conversions.

#5 By engaging with your audience on social media directly, you reduce your marketing costs

Social media marketing benefits your business because it’s low cost. You can readily set up your social media accounts for free. To further lower your costs, you can employ a team of virtual support specialists that will do all the hard work for you.

Even if you do decide to go for paid ads on social media, they still cost much less than other marketing tactics.  With Facebook ads, you can start small and still reap a good ROI. As your business becomes  more profitable, you can allot a larger budget for your paid ads. The great thing about it is that you can tailor your paid ad campaign to your budget.

Craft a Strategy to Make Big Money Through Social Media

Now that we’ve established the profitable social media marketing benefits, it’s time for you to think about a plan of action. Social platforms have become popular, and your competitors also know the power of such platforms. Just like you, they’re thinking of ways they can use social media as a marketing tactic.

Matt Goldman from Tenfold has identified four steps to building a sound social marketing strategy. It involves creating the plan before you start, choosing the right platform, creating a visual identity, and following the “rule of thirds”. You can read it here for an in-depth explanation of these steps.

If you want to make big money, you can’t afford to not use social media marketing. Contact us for more information on how Mazcloud’s social media marketing gurus can help you with your social media marketing strategies!