Quickbooks company file setup and a basic Quickbooks training

If you are ready to start tracking your expenses properly and invoice your clients through an accounting system, we can help you with your Quickbooks company file setup.

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QuickBooks company file setup*

might seem like a huge task if you don’t have experience in a program or don’t have any accounting or bookkeeping training.

Our team consists of trained accounting and bookkeeping professionals, who will be happy to help you with company setup, and even show you the basics of using QuickBooks Online.

What is included QuickBooks company file setup:

  • Chart of accounts setup specific to your unique business;
  • Your invoice template creation;
  • All backend company preferences’ setup;
  • Basic Quickbooks training, which includes:
    • How to issue an invoice and apply the payment;
    • How to enter and pay the bill;
    • How to create an item and what are they for.

What is not included in this service:

  • QuickBooks Online subscription**;
  • Prior years’ data entry;
  • Monthly bookkeeping.

If you are interested in services not included in the one above, please, contact us and describe exactly what your business needs are.

*This service is only available to Canadian residents and Canadian business owners.

**QuickBooks online subscription is included in our monthly bookkeeping services. If you wish to become our monthly bookkeeping client, we will include this in this package directly.

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