How To Increase Your Productivity

If you would like to increase your own and your team’s productivity, you need to start using the right tools that would speed up your routine tasks

Time is every business owner’s most valuable resource, and efficient time management is the key to staying productive. Businesses today are driven by computer and information technology, and you need reliable tools to help you save time and effort.

Whether you’re into web design, online marketing, accounting or any other aspect of an online business, here is a list of productivity tools that we use and recommend. You may also want to read our previous post on 30+ productivity tools.


There are two words to describe AgoraPulse as a social media management tool: straightforward and affordable. AgoraPulse is an effective, low-cost solution that helps online entrepreneurs to manage their social media accounts with little or no effort. It allows you to put your Facebook and Twitter messages in one place, and you may schedule, run tests, create promotions and quizzes. It is also used to monitor and analyze your ads.


Ahrefs is a set of SEO and marketing tools that is very helpful for marketers that focus on search engine optimization and backlink building. This productivity app provides valuable information regarding backlinks, organic traffic, keywords, and content. It also provides metrics for optimizing individual pages, domains, and inside SERPs. With Ahrefs, you can be assured that your link-building efforts pay off by being able to check backlink quality and performance.


Basecamp is a project management and collaboration tool that is used by millions of users worldwide. It helps on how to increase your productivity by enabling you to upload and share your files on projects with your co-workers. Its communication system is easy to use. You get to organize tasks and projects more easily, and it has a calendar to help you schedule tasks more efficiently. Also, Basecamp is regularly updated and secure.


Having problems organizing your social media content? Beatrix is a tool that can assist you in creating and managing engaging content for your social media customers. It’s true that marketers sometimes get overloaded with information that needs to be sorted daily. Beatrix is the ideal tool that helps suggest the content and the schedule of its posts based on keywords. Just choose and schedule your content, and move on to other tasks.


Brand24 is a valuable productivity tool that monitors and analyses your brand through various social media platforms. Most businesses still don’t see any traffic on their website despite their social media marketing efforts. Brand24 provides relevant ideas and trends across the World Wide Web and helps you find the locations where people talk about your brand. With Brand24, you will be able to quickly respond to comments, whether they are negative or positive. Brand24 has a two-week trial period.


Buffer is probably the most popular social media sharing platform – a perfect marketing productivity tool, especially for small, do-it-yourself type of businesses on a tight budget. Buffer’s starter package is free, that enables its users to share various types of content on one social media platform (they must choose 1 out of 4), optimal timing tool, link shortening, and other cool features. Should you want more functionality out of Buffer, you can avail the paid version for as little as $10 per month.


Canva is an innovative photo editing tool that is very simple to use. It is an online design software where users can simply drag and drop their images, then edit them by filtering, adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation, cropping to a desired size/portion, resizing, rotating, and flipping. Canva has just been around for three years, and they already have 17 million users.


Hubdoc is a powerful accounting tool that lets you import all your financial documents automatically and export these documents into data that you can use. Hubdoc does the hard work of extracting essential information from your invoices, receipts, and bills, and can save you a lot of hassle from manual data entry and filing.


Having a hard time remembering your logins and passwords? Use LastPass – a password management app that helps on how to increase your productivity. This tool helps you save time by remembering all passwords of your accounts, solves all password problems, fills password forms automatically and fortifies them. We have had a great experience with this app since we are handling a lot of different accounts from various sources, and LastPass is a time saver.


Teamwork has been one of our favorites. It’s a very user-friendly project management tool that can help you set and organize your tasks, and enables collaboration among team members in real time. With Teamwork, you can easily communicate with co-workers, send and receive files, and let team members log their time. How to increase your productivity is achieved by efficient monitoring of task progress and the time spent on the task.


Having problems with electronic payments? Use Telpay – the largest and independent processor of e-payments in Canada. It provides streamlined payment processes for all types of businesses. For accountants and bookkeepers, Telpay provides partnership programs by providing efficient electronic payment solutions and assists clients in finding the right accounting service provider. Other services include Batch File Processing, WebOTC, Online White Label and Telpay Online.


Want to increase customer engagement and sales conversions on your website? Use Zopim – a live chat app that can be added to your site and enable your customers to talk to you in real time. Zopim can dramatically change each customer’s experience and potentially increase sales because it can help you identify their needs and interests quickly and allows you to retain them through a more efficient means of communication.

How to increase your productivity is all about having a good sense of the things that you do, and effective time management is part of this. If you have your own favourite productivity tools, please, share them with our visitors in the comment section below.