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Copywriting Questionnaire

A copywriting questionnaire can help a professional writer to create a unique copy that suits your business. By giving all the details to a writer about your business or a blog, a kind of a copy or a write-up you need, and so on, you will achieve great results in the final product you will receive from them.

Below are the examples of the questions and answers that you could use for your copywriting business or when ordering a copy from a writer:

Q. What is the nature of your business?


  • Consultancy or coaching;
  • House builder;
  • Retailer;
  • Electronics manufacturer;
  • Personal fitness trainer.

Q. Who is your target audience?


  • Internal staff use (such as a company induction booklet);
  • Affluent over 55s beginning to plan their retirement;
  • Female, 16-19-year-olds seeking fashionable, budget clothing advice;
  • Local authority service provider;
  • Middle management;
  • Large company computer manager/IT director who is purchase decision maker;
  • Building materials specifiers (e.g., architects, surveyors, lead building contractors).

Q. What will the finished article be?


  • Product brochure;
  • Company brochure;
  • Press release;
  • Mail campaign;
  • Corporate video script.

Q. What is its objective?


  • Generating new sales leads;
  • Positioning the company as a top of the market/midrange supplier;
  • Company awareness within the marketplace;
  • Detailed product descriptions for product specifiers;
  • A trading website that sells directly to the consumer.

Q. What ‘tone of voice’ (written style) should you adopt?


  • Clear, corporate style for educated senior management;
  • Conversational, warm/friendly;
  • Straight-to-the-point sales pitch;
  • Entertaining.

Q. How long should an article be?


  • 500 words;
  • One-sentence quotes for social media campaigns.

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