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Google and Bing Ads Gives You That Edge in Reaching More People

No business benefits from one type of advertising. Some use printed ads, yet others take it to the next level with online advertising. The Internet has given the channels for you to promote your product or service online. And online paid advertising is one such powerful channel.

If you want to drive more leads, visits or purchases for your business, you can surely do so through paid search advertising. We at Mazcloud can help set up your clickable Google ads and Bing ads and make them visible on search results. This includes text ads for any type of business, and Google PLA (product listing ads) for e-commerce.

Google ads and Bing ads allow you to advertise to people the moment they search for services and products. Because of online paid advertising, you reach more potential customers as your ads are placed on blogs, news sites and other niche sites on the web. Google PLA allows you to get in front of people searching for the service or product you offer.

Our Google and Bing ads services come with the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Setup of online paid advertising campaigns
  • Writing and design of ads
  • Assignment of keywords, match types and bids
  • 24/7 Maintenance and updates

Our service isn’t limited to Google ads.  Bing ads are just as powerful, and take a big chunk of the worldwide search engine market share. With Bing ads, you’ll reach over 20 percent of the US desktop search market share.

You can also decide where and when you want your ads to run. People who are surfing the Internet at work aren’t likely to take out their credit card and buy your product in their own cubicle. We can tailor you online paid advertising and market to people when they’re home, during non-business hours and on weekends.

Billions are searching the web, and Google and Bing ads make sure they find you. Contact us to learn more about our online advertising services.

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