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Have you got a product but are not able to sell it online?

Or are you stuck with the inventory and don’t have an e-commerce website?

Or do you have a course which you wish you could sell on your website?

If you are able to ship your product,

you must be able to sell it online!

Our basic Shopify website setup includes:


  • Free Shopify theme* (Examples of the stores with Free and Premium Shopify Themes could be seen below)
  • Up to 10 SKUs upload (one variant each)
  • Up to 5 collections setup
  • Basic image editing for all your products (up to three images per product – that’s up to 30! images)
  • Up to 3 free images from the collection of our subscription images!
  • Two revisions of a completed website
  • Completed within a week after the receipt of information and materials required for the website!*

Only $350/website

(regular price – $997!)


Why would you pay Amazon fees if you can sell from your own website?!

Wondering which industry can sell online?

The correct answer is: ANY!

Wondering which industry can sell online?

The correct answer is: ANY!

Who are you ordering from:

Mazcloud is a small digital marketing agency from Canada. We specialize in Shopify and WordPress website design with the major focus on e-commerce.

Over the years we worked with brick and mortar retail businesses, e-commerce, as well as many other industries. Our focus is on improving business operations while making owners happier. 

Other services provided by Mazcloud include: Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Facebook advertising, and SEO.


Examples of our work

E-commerce website design project – Premium Shopify Theme

  • Dropshipping website design.
  • Platform: Shopify

This was a complete start-to-finish project for a dropshipping client. Mazcloud’s team designed the branding theme, logo, banners, and a complete website.

The goal was to create a website that would be easy to navigate and which would provide the visitor with the best navigation experience.

In this example, you may see how we organized the layout of product categories and filters.

Here is an example of a product page design that we set up for the same client.

We wanted to make sure that the visitor is able to get as much useful information as possible when visiting the website’s product page. Our goal was to include information about the product, product specifications, coupons and discount information, as well as other pertinent information. We achieved this by adding product tabs to the product descriptions as well as creating additional tabs after the product’s main description. This helped us with creating a comprehensive, yet, not overwhelming look of the product page that included everything required for the purchase of an item.

Demo Shopify store built with Free theme


The goal of this project was to demonstrate the use of Free themes available from the Shopify library.

Like every Free Shopify theme, this one is quite limited. However, we did like a few things that caught our eye and could be useful to those who decide to choose this route.

In particular, the front page image presentation is coded in a way that would benefit those who are active and prefer such advertising and social sharing platforms like Instagram.


Another interesting and unexpected built-in feature of this Free Shopify theme is its menu. Note how the drop-down looks once you click on a major menu item. This feature is not often included in Free Shopify themes, but, rather, is more common in cases when you’d need to add more apps to add more fun and creativity to your store. 

Store with premium Shopify theme 


Here is another great example of why you should definitely consider purchasing a theme from Shopify or its partners when setting up your online store. 

The theme we used here contains great and visible search bar, announcement/hero bar, as well as many other features already included in the price of a theme.

If you have a growth in mind, there are a lot of things you need to implement on your website before you start getting decent online sales. Many of those little things or “features” are often times are included in the price of a premium theme. Whereas the free theme might require the use of additional apps, many of which are not free or with very limited free options available. 


The product page of this theme is also set up in a way that will encourage the customer to stay on it longer and explore other products they might consider as substitutes to the major one or an add-on.

What to expect when you purchase this package

  1. We will set up your website on our Shopify developer platform and then transfer it to you once you are satisfied with the final product.
  2. Logo design is not included in a $350 website cost. You’d need to provide us with the existing one or create it prior to the start of the e-commerce setup project.
  3. Once the contract is signed and the payment from you received, we will send you the list of items we would need from you. However, to give you an idea of what you might need to provide us with, here is a small summary of what you would need to give us:
    • Your industry;
    • Brief description of your business;
    • Your logo;
    • Main website colours;
    • Product names;
    • Product descriptions;
    • Product images;
    • Product categories and/or brands (if applicable).
  4. The quote above includes a FREE Shopify theme. However, if you want to have a robust store appealing to your target audience that will convert your leads into sales, setting up a store with the PREMIUM theme is a must. You may choose a package that includes the cost of the Premium theme when completing your order.
  5. For an additional $100 (for a total project cost of $450) we will upload up to 20 products, create up to 5 more categories (up to 10 total), and edit up to 30 more images of your products (3 per product to the total of 60 images).
  6. If you require more work and/or additional post-setup support, please, let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.
  7. This Shopify website setup offer includes two revisions of a completed website.
  8. Prices quoted on this website are in USD.

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