Should I Use Excel Or Accounting Software?

I encountered an important concern over the weekend: “Should I use Excel or accounting software?” Here are the questions: “To date, I've been tracking my e-commerce activities with Excel. However, I'd like to be able to run more sophisticated reports and get better...

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Why You Should Send A Newsletter To Your Customers

"Why you should send a newsletter" is, probably, one of the most common questions we get from our clients You probably have asked yourself this question a couple of times. You can see that most of the websites and blogs that you visit HAVE a newsletter. With all the...

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Why Blog?

A client of mine recently asked, “Why blog?" "Everybody seems to be doing it, but I’m not quite sure if it will really help my business.” I knew then that this was a person who needs my services, and so I said, “The fact that you’re asking me about blogging answers...

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How to write an SEO-friendly blog post

SEO-friendly blog post should follow certain rules to be visible in search engines To keep website visitors engaged, interested in its content, and, eventually, be able to convert those visits into sales, you need to have great content. Every day, billions of people...

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How To Increase Your Productivity? These Tools Can Help You

How to increase your productivity online mainly depends on the tools you use. Time is every business owner’s most valuable resource, and efficient time management is the key to staying productive. Businesses today are driven by computer and information technology, and...

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10 benefits of using cloud accounting software

10 benefits of using cloud accounting software Cloud computing and, especially cloud accounting becoming more and more popular today. Most of us have smartphones, tablets, or just are connected to the internet daily through our desktop computers. The speed of life has...

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Grammarly for bloggers

Grammarly for bloggers is one of the best writing tools. I recently discovered it and cannot be happier! I use it for everything - emailing, blog posting, work. The list just goes on and on. First I signed up for a free version of the program, but it was only a day or...

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30+ Productivity Apps and Tools You Should Know About

If you are a business owner, you want to be faster and more productive than your competitors. Fortunately, it is very easy to do nowadays. All you need to have are the right tools and be flexible and mobile.   Below we collected some of the most commonly used...

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